Quality and Safety Information

What improvements have we made?

  • Reviewed all our organisational and clinical risks and identified the strategies to manage these risks
  • Provided education to our staff about their role in Quality and Safety
  • Reviewed and discussed with our staff what patient centered care means for us and how we can improve in this area
  • Contracted an Infection Control consultancy company to assist us to maintain, improve and evaluate our infection control systems. They also assist us with education for our staff in this area.
  • Contracted a Quality Systems Consultant to advise, assist and support out staff in the maintenance of our quality management systems and the implementation of the NSQHSS
  • Asked our patients regularly about our service delivery and what we can do to improve
  • Spoken to patients in the waiting room about some of the patient information brochures we provide and asked for feedback to improve this information
  • Sent two of our staff to the Royal College of Surgeons for a training course in the effective care and management of endoscopes
  • Improved the security of our medicine storage
  • Required all clinical staff to complete training in the safe practice of hand hygiene, known as the “5 moments of hand hygiene”. In 2014, we will introduce the program to the non clinical staff.
  • Purchased a new steriliser for the gastroscopes and colonoscopies
  • Purchased 2 rollators, or walking frames on wheels, to enable patients to more easily and safely move from the trolley to a chair

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